A computer vision SaaS
Platform that enables
enterprises to act on
AI-based insights..

A computer vision SaaS platform, Halcon AI enables organizations to simplify image processing with AI-based insights.


Halcon AI are the future


A computer vision SaaS Platform that enables enterprises to act on AI-based insights.


Halcon AI provides a complete AI solutions to multiple scenarios across various fields.


  • Port of 'Smart Ships' : Track the movement of the containers in the shipyard in real-time. Halcon AI helps in calculating the expected time of arrival of the ship and thus optimize the flow of traffic and avoid congestion.

Oil & Gas:

  • Detect Detection: Halcon AI plays a major role in detecting any defects in the pipeline and prevents a major loss to the factory.
  • Cybersecurity: End-to-end security is provided by Halcon AI, by monitoring security threats with video camera sensors.
  • Workplace Safety: Life-saving measures are taken around high pressure or temperature operations by Halcon AI deep learning the safety protocols.

Food Industry:

  • Revenue prediction using AI: Halcon AI's AI and ML models helps you in predicting the revenue of the food industry.
  • Quality Management: Mathematical models are provided for managing the productivity of high-quality food products.


  • Equipment maintenance: Predict the next maintenance of all your equipments in the manufacturing units with the help of Halcon AI and bring down major cost overheads.
  • Inventory Management: Halcon AI keeps an eye on tracking the inventory efficienty and thus automates supply and demand.


  • Livestock health monitoring: From cows to flies, every animal's health and behaviours are constantly tracked using Halcon AI.
  • Monitor wastage: Halcon AI monitoring allows retailers to sell food before it goes waste and allows them to reduce further wastage.

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